I am a mom of a 7-year-old son, Brock. I spend all my  time advocating for Brock, writing, going to school, sleep and repeat. I’m incredibly  boring, and find watching prank videos on YouTube to be highly amusing and incredibly entertaining. When I venture out of the house it’s probably to the grocery store ( I love snacks)..and my child and puppy need to eat too I suppose :). I’m not a Suzy Homemaker.. I tried and failed that route, trust me. My motto is “If it ain’t Stouffer’s.. Takeout Menu’s are in the top left drawer. I have a serious fanfiction addiction..and laughing at my own jokes, loud cackling laughs. I just realized this isn’t match.com but if it was this is how my dating profile would read. No seriously, about me’s always make me ramble. This blog won’t be about me, but about Brock. He is Autistic, and has sensory processing disorder, and developmental delays. I will never share anything that would disrespect Brock, or invade his privacy. Mostly I’ll be sharing all the hilarious things he says, successes, and achievements! I’m a contributing writer for The Mighty, and have also been featured on Goodnews Network and Godvine.


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