2016 Plans For Brock’s World


With a New Year upon us, most people are currently either sleeping, hungover, (or both) or maybe you’re reflecting on the past year like I am.
This past September I had a personal wakeup call. It happened after Brock’s 7th Birthday Party and I was having a conversation with someone who said to me , “Lindsay, Brock being Autistic is a moot point.” I was taken aback, and was really upset initially. Brock being Autistic definitely wasn’t a moot point in my household. It seemed like every moment revolved around Autism. After cursing this person out (inside my head of course) I realized what he meant. The people who love and care about Brock love him for who he is.  They don’t just show up and do kind things because he’s Autistic, but because they care for the whole package.

I had been feeling empty about my advocating for sometime, and knew I wanted to make some changes. After my articles were published, and Brock was on the news, and there was a lot of attention surrounding him, I didn’t feel in control anymore. People love inspiring stories, and none of my other work was being published, and I let my mission for Brock’s World get away from me temporarily.

My mission has always been to support other parents, (and helping find  resources), inclusion, acceptance, and sharing Brock’s story so  the world sees that yes, Brock has a disability,  but he is just like everyone else. I don’t want Brock to be your inspiration because he gets up everyday and lives like everyone else. I don’t want to be your inspiration because my son happens to be Autistic. You’re not my inspiration because you’re a parent, I  shouldn’t be yours for the same reason. If you happen to find inspiration in either of us, have it be for the things we are doing, not just for living.

I’m still working on my plans for 2016 but here’s a few :
* finish my book. I was really sick this winter and took some time off. It’s completed, I just need to edit it. My health comes first.
* I’m starting a parent support group in February.
*I plan to do more speaking engagements on Autism acceptance. If you’d like me to speak at a function or school email me at lrjolly87@icloud.com
* write more articles that can actually help others and not just inspire.
* Bring more attention to Brock’s World and the mission behind it.
I’ll update the list more this coming week.
I’m off to celebrate New Years.
Happy New Years to you all.

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